How to Write a Winning Job Application Statement

On some occasions, you may be asked to supply a job application statement with your CV. Your job application statement should be short and snappy. It’s not as in-depth as a cover letter, but it should give the reader a good impression about who you are, your relevant experience and why you might be a good fit for the role. A job application statement should be roughly half an A4 page, so up to around 250 words.

Sell Yourself

The job application statement is the opportunity to inform the employer on why you are the right fit for this role. You want them to instantly feel that you have the right skills, experience and a positive attitude. The job application statement should reflect the confidence you have in your own abilities and the benefits you can bring to the company.

Structure of Statement

There are some key points you want to think about when you write your statement. The structure should consist of; your area of expertise, how many years’ experience you have, relevant experience and interests which are applicable to the role and the reasons you are interested in the role. For example, you are a Health and Safety Manager with 7 years’ experience, and you work within the engineering sector. This is a good way to start your statement as it shows the recruiter what you do, how long you’ve been doing it and the industry you work in. The remainder of the statement should detail any relevant qualifications you have obtained, specialist or transferable skills and personal qualities you can bring to the role.

What Not to Do

It is important to stay clear of generic statements as these really don’t mean anything to an employer. For example, you have good communication skills, or you work well in a team. You need to be able to show that you have these skills. For example, you regularly present information to your team or you are involved with a range of departments. These show you have the necessary skills, without having to specify it. You don’t need to disclose personal information on your statement. In the nicest possible way, this is of no interest to the recruiter. They want to know you are the right person for the job, not that you have 3 cats and a husband. You have very limited space, so keep it brief and to the point, but cover the necessities. Always ensure there is a positive tone to your personal statement, keep it enthusiastic and upbeat.

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